Back To Basics

First of all, I want to apologize to my readers for not being able to update this blog for months now.

As much as I would have wanted to write more in this site, I just can’t write something that I don’t actually do or practice.

To those who’ve sent messages and posted comments, thank you and again I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to reply to them.

There’s been so many changes in my journey to financial freedom.

Unfortunately, I went off-track.

It’s been a rough road for me so far.

Stock trading took so much of my time instead of spending it to those that matter most. I’m still struggling to recover my trading losses.

I’ve also stopped paying my Kaiser healthcare. I was on a high bracket so I decided to just save my premiums for an upcoming family project and for our wedding fund.

With all these changes in my financial journey, I haven’t given up being a member of the Truly Rich Club, and on having my emergency fund, mutual fund and small stock investment.

I miss the feeling of being able to help people out from this site.

I need to bounce back.

I must go back on track.

Once again, thank you my dear readers and visitors of invested101.com.

I can’t promise it but I’ll do my very best to hear from me more.

It’s time for me to go back to basics.

Notes Of A Wannabee Stock Trader Page 1

bsIt’s been more than a month now since I gave stock trading a try.

With the intention to significantly grow my portfolio in the quickest possible time, I sold all the stocks that uses Truly Rich Club’s Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) and started anew.

In simpler words, I totally changed my stock investment strategy.

I attempted to sprint with the hare rather than to enjoy my slow boring walkathon with the turtle.

Was I able to keep up with the hare? Too bad, I ended up gasping and struggling. I got blinded by big and quick gains.

I acted too fast and too naive in getting into stock trading. I failed to obtain sufficient knowledge and the technical know-how.

I was enchanted by bagger stocks. I got stuck with the idea that all stocks I should invest in has the potential to be like Double Dragon (DD) that can double or triple my portfolio in a few weeks.

The first days were really good. Who would not be encouraged with having significant day gains when the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) is all red.

After the day gains suddenly the reverse happens. You come to wonder why the PSEi was all green but my portfolio’s day change was all in the red.

The inconvenient truth: I was actually losing my funds instead of making it grow.

I don’t blame anyone for my failure and I hold myself fully responsible for my actions and decisions.

I asked for this so I should man up to learn from my mistakes and failures.

I don’t know if when will my stock portfolio be able to recover.

Hopefully soon.

Despite all this, I am still all positive. We really only lose when we give up.

How about a combination of Truly Rich Club’s SAM and TAP’s embracing the chaos?

Another chapter awaits. Stay tuned!

Happy investing and God bless us all! 🙂